What The Truth Community Is Missing…

I intend to back that prententious statement up with undazzling tedium, which is no doubt how this has remained hidden so long.

Unfortunately it doesn’t tickle the ears or tantilize the senses, what it does do, is facilitate every single thing we have uncovered so far.

There are many people with many different pieces of this puzzle.  For me, when I started on this quest in ’01 there was scant available for anyone to research…  What you did find were unrelated pieces, that most of the time seemed more contradictory than anything.

Forums were the best place at that time.  It was an oasis where people spoke your language and understood things, but more imortantly it was a place to share information and organize data.

In my opinion, these are the real investigators.  They did it without ‘video’… still trudging through analog ‘papers’ to find truth.  Moving on…

The last 15 years has been remarkable in tempo of change.  Unlike anything I’d previous experienced or even thought possible.  The veil as they say, truly is lifting.  

We now have a much fuller picture of the state of things, however lack a real grasp of how that has been fulmented down to us specifically.  Meaning, we know who is at the top (with some disagreement, but basically it’s agreed between two parties) and we know ‘we’ are at the bottom… but we don’t know exactly how that happens.

Many of us ‘think’ we do, so we get behind that because we think that’s the problem.  Black lives matter, thin blue line, tea party, on and on.   What we can ‘see’ is the politicians doing all this.  What we have ‘figured out’, (republicans excluded) is that there is another group, above the politicians pulling their strings.

We (the ‘truth’ community) has basically labeled them the ruling class.  We understand that they have gained control through sexual blackmail, coersion, and flat out greed.

The details in between all that are debated, and keeps this community ‘occupied’.   Ever wonder why all these videos are allowed to be seen when anything that gets over a real target like pizzagate gets shut down immediately?

I think I know why, and I think you can figure it out.   There is an organization whose members all take a foreign oath, they are highly educated, and they have completely subjugated a Constitutionaly garanteed free people. 

No one talks about them.  They are never questioned.  They take away our freedom with pens, and the president is one of them.

No one finds this odd?  The ‘Truth’ commmunity?

Where did these pirates come from?  That’s where a lot of these, ‘whose at the top’ arguments get setted, and where it directly relates to everything the ‘Christian truther’ community is doing.

Focusing on BLM, Alex Jones, or any other part of the show still leaves this whole playhouse running.  Ignoring things like flat earth, Mandella Effect, and Antarctica is exactly what they want because those are real targets.  Those are real, happening, and directly related to this video whether you see it or not.

This is how it happened and how it continues.  There is no single other thing that could be done to defeat the NWO than make the People aware of this.  It reveals Christ, this world, and the deception of ‘freedom’.

I hear people say ‘speak Christ’.  I agree.  What do you think Jesus would be ‘saying’ if he were here right now exactly?  Do you read your Bibles, do you know Him at all?

How many ‘church goers’ out there have read your whole Bible even once?   If not, how do you think you know Jesus?  Somebody told you about Him and said, ‘pray this prayer’? 

Jesus never said your mission here on earth was to build up your own retirement.  Jesus never said to let evil go unchecked, to let your brothers be sold into bondage, or to aid and abed the works of darkness for your own sense of social acceptance.

I think Jesus basically said you believe who you obey…

If you use His name, and you do not visibly follow after Him… are you not taking His name in vain?

This video, in fact this channel is the only one of it’s quality available that I have been able to find.   I don’t know him, never spoke to him… but based on what I know, he has it.   He’s mad, emotional and hard to listen to sometimes but, like I said, no one else talking about this has this level of docs or expertise.

This content releases everyone from the bondage of this system.  The more people that exercise this knowledge the more powerless power is.

Channel: sovereignliving

I want to add, I’m not pushing sovereignty here, it’s not about that.  This was the community that found this information, it’s about authority and obedience.  In America Romans 13 is us, the People.

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