What The Christian Community Is Missing…

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Let me start by saying, this is not a condemnation.  Just a short time ago, I was no different than the majority.  I have been in the ‘church’, on a serious level, and I can say with 100% certainty the ‘church’ – even most online Christians are not prepared for what I am now convinced Christ expects from us.

We in the online Christian community are prideful about our superior ability to see through the lies…  I’ve also noticed many like to speculate on the ‘Great Deception’.   While some think it’s going to be ‘aliens’, I find it accurate to say convincing the ‘entire world’ the earth is a globe is a ‘great deception’… easily.

If the earth is a globe, the Bible is wrong.  Period.  No way around it, so either ‘Christians’ have discarded parts of the Bible they deem inaccurate, or they flat out don’t believe it at all, accept for the part where they just have to ‘believe’ to avoid Hell.

What does ‘believe’ mean?  Well if I think it’s going to rain, I might act differently than if I believe it’s going to rain.  We are in a time when Christ’s name is used, but has no power.  Why?

Most of the world has been convinced that the way they live is okay with Jesus, and further, that they even honor Jesus.

This video is a reading from a book called Placebo, written by a lifelong Christian Pastor, I can say he is a very good example of that archtype.  His experience paints what I think is an accurate picture of this actual war.  It is a war, a term many keyboard warriors use without understanding.

The war is for your obedience.  Your ‘work’ for Jesus, is the daily sacrifce of your flesh against the sin of this world.  

It seems the Most High determines your belief based on who you are following.  Did you know we are to rebuke sin, so that we do not become guilty of it?  That implies that anyone that lets sin go unchecked and unchallenged shares in it’s guilt of commission. 

How many of us have not posted stuff on our social media about the Kingdom just to spare someone living in sin’s feelings?  That is Satanic.  I was guilty too, He showed me and I was shocked.  I had bought into the ‘acceptance’ Gospel.  I know why we do it too.

We do it because there would be a heavy price to pay socially, maybe even in your business.  I get it, but we don’t get what He’s asking.

What happened to Jesus?  Do you say you follow Jesus?  Do you expect something different to happen to you?

Did He not say that the world persecuted Him, therefore the world would do the same to any of His followers?   But if you suggest that in your church on Sunday all those Christians will think you are some kind of fanatic.   Seriously. 

Yet how many of them are experiencing persecution, but they are Christians?  What did Jesus just say…

The tribulation is now – there is a price to pay, right now, for speaking Bible Jesus…. not false gospel Jesus – Jesus Christ.  Recent events have shown – some places people are jailed or beaten for speaking publically against things like sexual perversion, or Islam.   That’s why ‘Christians’ don’t do it, and that’s where we are.

We want to be saved by Jesus, but do not want to live like Him, stand up for Him, defend Him, or put Him before anyone else in our own kingdoms that we spend our days building instead of the Kingdom of God.

So there is a disconnect there, we live a mental model of Christianity, not Christianity.  And the Most High probably doesn’t like it.

You can ‘in Jesus name’ all you want, if you sin, you have given the demon a right to be there.  Any sin.  Sure you will be forgiven if you repent, but you have still taken damage to your spirit and have lost your former standing in strength and obedience.

The more you do that, the less the Most High can use you.  How can He?  You are unreliable, prideful, you always put your own needs ahead of Him.  If you disagree, you have a lot in common with the writer of this book.

The war against your flesh is the toughest war you will ever fight, but it’s for your heart.  If you seek Jesus with your heart, He will make obedience joyful.

The Elect is truly a much smaller group than I imagined.  These will be people that are getting this same message.  That we should be set apart, obviously, come out of ‘this world’ and go back to the ‘earth’ the Most High made.  Give up ALL trappings of ‘this world’, in favor of perfecting obedience.   The Elect will have realized this truth, it’s not giving up anything – it’s finding something.

If you watch this video, you should watch to the end, as just partial knowledge of what is in here is dangerous.  I would also encourage you to do some research on people that have been taken to Hell.  Listen to them and ask yourself some questions.

It doesn’t matter what you think, after death choices are over.



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