Things have changed…

[Update 1-4-2018:  I guess technically it’s not a ‘hack’ but somehow even the registrar of my domain name could only say it was a ‘problem with their upstream provider’.  My DNS had been deleted, ip’s re-routed… whatever.  It’s back up now, for a while I could only get to it on a proxy.  We’ll see, but this shows what this message is, and it’s one they don’t want out.]

We are at an empasse… by we I mean the small group of people who follow Jesus, who have likely already done everything I am about to say.

Things have changed rapidly over the last 3 years, unexpectedly fast in fact, but the increased tempo has allowed realization of the possiblility of how short the time really is.

It’s my belief that the Most High is calling for His people to choose, once… and for all time. The time has come to ‘come out of her’… the ‘her’ is this Satanic system, totally. Entanglements with contracts, laws and agreements that are all voluntary.

The faithful have already been getting this message. We are called to be separate, to not ‘participate in the ways of this world’… that time is now.

The Scriptures are there, for those who need that. Time and again we are told Salvation is by Grace, with obedience being proof of ‘belief’. This is not a debate about who is saved… those who know and understand, know.

Jesus summed all those verses up: “Why do you call me Lord, Lord… but do not what I say?”

How about 1st John,

1Jn 2:3  And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. 
1Jn 2:4  He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 
1Jn 2:6  He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked

Everyone else is decieving themselves.

The time for those deceptions is over… now you will either stand with Jesus, or you are not part of Him.

Wheat and Tares… visibly different, aren’t they? Children do the works of their father… if you are not doing the work of Jesus… guess who your father is?

It’s time to ‘read-in’ your family, friends… on the truth as it has been revealed to you. We are called to be salt and light… we have been neither… and that has to change. Jesus himself asks the question, what good is salt if it have lost it’s flavor?

No good at all, and it’s time good people face the fact that, that is how the King of Kings see’s it. That all who do not bear fruit for the Kingdom will cut off, and cast into the fire… It’s time to follow Jesus, in front of everybody, or tell yourself the truth that you have declared yourself to be God and require no council from the Most High.

This separation is happening now, and yes there is a price to be paid… that’s kind of how you know the time is now. You will be on one of the two sides. Everyone who values social acceptance more than the will of the Most High, will lose Heaven.

The message is simple, there is no part of this current landscape that Jesus would be okay with… if you do not ‘feel’ that, He is not in you. If you don’t feel the distaste, sadness, and anger, He is not in you. If you are able to carry on in this world the way everyone else does without difficulty, He is not in you.

How can I be certain? Look, I’m tired of this argument, those who know, know. We are commanded to look for fruit to determine righteousness. If you do that to the ‘church’ – in modern churchianity it’s clear and unarguable that there is absolutley no fruit in it.

Teen pregnancy, drop outs, divorce, all the exact same as the world. So what do these people that go tell themselves? Whatever the pastor says, that sounds good to them… everyone has found the right teachers for their own itching ears.

Everyone has chosen a side, there is no more convincing… people just argue, even if you show them proof… they deny, accuse, and argue with other people’s words, not even their own. They argue fictions as fact, theories as fact… as ‘science’ the religion you aren’t allowed to question.

By not standing up for Jesus, you are permitting the overrun of this world unapposed… and could even be considered a party to it. I’m not even talking about fighting, I’m just talking about being vocal, not tolerating abominations, pointing out the differences between what is happening and what should be happening, putting boundaries on behavior.

If the sheep ever pick up their head and look around, who will they see doing something different? Who will they see representing Jesus? Who believes they can represent Jesus and not walk in His ways?

What does this mean… It means putting stuff on your primary facebook and instagram profiles… where you live most of the time probably. Do you know why people don’t do that? Because it will probably ‘separate’ them…

The lie has been believed that this is somehow ‘sewing discord’ and is not Christian… that is ‘among the breathren’

This is the reality:

Mat 10:34  Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 
Mat 10:35  For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 
Mat 10:36  And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. 
Mat 10:37  He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 
Mat 10:38  And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. 
Mat 10:39  He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. 

This is about division, unification is the goal of the anti-christ. Wheat, and Tares.

What is not Christian is using the name of Jesus and not doing as He commands. What is not Christian is allowing evil to move forward unapposed and even to be participated in, but still call yourself Christian.

Followers of Jesus have already felt the need to let go of this world and it’s trappings. They are called ‘trappings’ for a reason.

Brothers and sisters, this is not our home, don’t buy into the lie of Satan and try and build your kingdom here. As long as you are on that wheel, the truth is hard to see. Can you not see how building your own kingdom of any fashion is not building anything for the Most High?

People who are of ‘this world’ will try and build their kingdom here, are then like their father. Our father is not of this world, therefore this world has nothing for us… we are here for souls, that the Most High loves. Yet we spend our days weeks and years getting ‘things’, and doing things to get more ‘things’, saying we really believe that Jesus is real the whole time…lol

Wheat, and Tares.

The ‘truth’ community, particularly on Youtube is mostly made up of gnostics and agents… some of the gnostics are obvious, some have 2 pretty big followings and jump all over the place which is typical of those under satanic daydreams like the serpent seed. – Which is exactly what I’m talking about… they won’t be convinced… they take from all this crazy stuff, ignore things that flat out prove them wrong in five seconds, and go on as if it never happened. Agenda pushers, or complete idiots with itching ears, either way… beware.

For people called to be watchmen, these people should be easy to see and rebuke, just so others know that this is Satanic teaching. Truth is Stranger Than Fiction channel said, “As watchmen, we should be about tearing down anything that sets itself against the Most High.” and I agree.

Well said, though not what ‘everybody’ is called to do.

There are people getting the same message, in different parts of the world at the same time… people seeking Jesus. I don’t know what is going to happen. What I think is that it will be a surprise… Like Houston, Florida, Northern California, and Now Southern California have been.

They are going ‘live’ with whatever they have been putting together, and they are doing it incrementally so the sheep don’t catch on, and keep each other in line with their social acceptance training on Facebook.

I noticed at the turn of the century that the government had become ‘God’ to most people. I also noticed that the government has been about destroying the family, and killing the innocent by the thousands while ‘Christian Believers’ operate and co-exist with that… no problem.

I have lost everything since that time, family and kids too. I have been through court… I know for a fact things that I present on facebook, and to anyone about the laws of this place or how things really work. It truly is a completely false system, that you have no loyalty to at all. They do not obey or follow the Most High, in fact they are openly anti-christ, yet how many ‘Christians’ fund this system with their tax dollars? Don’t think your responsible for that? Maybe think about that.

Everything I do on social media has been about leading people to the truth. Low hanging fruit has been gone for a while, which is why I think you had to break current beliefs to create an opportunity for the truth to go in. Something like flat earth, or the government lie (911,etc) For people, once they understood they had been decieved by their current ‘god’ (the one they obey, the government) it’d be much easier to see the truth, and there is only one truth.

That’s part of the point of this update… people have chosen who they will follow, their minds are made up… most all of this information is known, and has been for a while.  The people that find it are searching for it, then the Spirit will lead them to the right information.  But for everyone else, those not searching… they have cast their vote already, that’s why they are not searching, that’s why they will not hear it, that’s why the ‘witnessing’ on social media is now ineffective unless people engage their primary profiles.

Physical ‘witnesses’ are needed at this time, not ‘virtual’ ones.  The watchmen are engaging in the virtual ‘world’ to the extent that they have to… but Christians should be living like Christians, not like the world.  And all of them should be getting away from technology… it’s from the fallen, children of the Most High… that is not for us.  It’s killing them, and you along with them.. all of it down to the frequency they broadcast every source of media they produce.

For watchmen, if they follow the prompting, will be used where they are needed.  For others… are there groups of people singled out by the Most High to give aid and comfort to?  Like widows, orphans, prisoners?  Witnessing for Jesus means…because you are there, it’s as if Jesus were there…  that’s how hearts get changed.  Not by being nice and accepting every kind of sin and calling that kindness. 

Kindness is sharing the only safe way out of ‘this world’.

As for watchmen, some go after the gnostics, some go after the witches… no one is really going after the government, which is run by the witches… odd. Oh everybody will talk about the UN, the Vatican, even DC by the brave, but notice how it stops there… no one will go to what actually affects these peoples will on us, and that’s the police and the courts.

Are they magically legitimate somehow even though every single thing running them is evil? Every single thing they are ‘enforcing’ is evil? Surely ‘Christians’ aren’t going along with that, are they? No, but plenty of people calling themselves Christians are.

I know people aren’t going to like that… here’s some more for your sensitive sheltered reality… How many ‘churches’ are sitting 3/4 full with people married to divorced people?

How many ‘Christians know Jesus Himself says that is sin? How did we get this abomination called ‘No Fault’ divorce? Who upholds that, and tells women they can do that, that it’s perfectly okay? That would be the government…

Know what you are going to get if you follow the crowd at chow time? What everybody else gets…

Maybe because standing up for Jesus against ‘the government’ comes with real consequences? hmm, so if you aren’t ready for ‘consequences’ are you sure you are a ‘believer’?

In case you missed it, it’s the government that’s going to be the new world order, it’s the government that going to be the seat of the antichrist, it’s the government that has centralized all this power for the antichrist to just come in and weild.

It is also the government that is poisoning the air and the land, poisoning our food, and declaring it ‘illegal’ to live without the government (off grid). It is the government that will put an end to cash, it is the government that will make it impossible to buy or sell…

It is the government facilitating the mass baby sacrifice nationwide, it is the government waging war on the man, the family, and Jesus.

It’s the government that has implemented ‘slow kill’ weapons to the masses like Flouride, frequency and radiation exposure, and vaccines.  It’s the government that has made it ‘legal’ for the wealthy to profit off our slow deaths the whole time through medications that make things worse. 

It’s the government that has lowered the testosterone levels in men by 50% in the last 20 years, and perverted our very DNA through deliberate use of BPAs… to this day. (thanks RFB)

It is the government that created your ‘churches’… are they not corporations? Corporations are by definition ‘creations of the government’, where they teach their false christ acceptance, one and done salvation, pray this prayer, obedience is for the Jews, and prosperity worship.  Corporation = corpus, dead

That same government extends all the way to your local police dept and court house (unless you insist on living in a dream world), and those agents, are the ones that control you, that you answer to, that you obey… by your own consent if you watched that video.

Did you know that saying anything doesn’t matter to corporations because they can’t hear you?  They are dead, remember?  They exist on paper, same as the rest of this prison that buys and sells the souls of men… did you know that drivers license exists on paper?  That ‘court’?  Did you know even your ‘Courts’ are corporations… with credit ratings?  Did you know that paper cannot act on a man (without his consent)? 

That means if you are going to talk to a corporation, you have to do it in writing.  If they are offering you a ‘benefit’ you do not want, (like reducing global warming, saying you weren’t traveling in your own property correctly, or asking you to pay for abortions) all you as a man or woman has to do is issue a Notice that says you do not consent.  You can send it to the court (registered), or record it at the County.

So you are definately ‘choosing’… because you are not bound by anything.  Those benefits are for ‘citizens’, wards of the government and subject to it.

There are many egresses onto this battlefield, but they all go the same battle. Some use Youtube, some use Facebook but however many there are, they are few. The results are persecution, separation, even social shunning.

You will lose relationships, jobs, and all of your pride. So why should you do this? Because it’s what Jesus said to do, and it’s what Jesus said would happen. He also said rejoice when you are persecuted for my name’s sake, for your reward in heaven will be great.

This is what is required to be of value in the kingdom of Heaven. He also said anyone who loves family more than me is not worthy of me… (paraphrased)

So basically, if you aren’t being persecuted, if you are totally accepted by all your friends, according to Jesus you are not a Christian and you are taking His name in vain.

Dear friends, if you do not posess the courage to stand publically for Jesus and His convictions, you are not going to the kingdom of Heaven. He said those who deny me before men, I will deny before my Father…

I love the ‘pastors’ that say… Jesus knows my heart… whatever dude. Not one other person is affected by your ‘belief in your heart’. People can’t ‘see’ that, that is not salt, or light. They teach a lie.

Why do you call me Lord Lord, yet do not what I say?

Be not conformed to the ways of this world… Remember that? Who is doing that? Anyone?

Yes, the Amish… but they believe they are ‘working’ their way to heaven, so they just missed it too. Obedience is the ‘evidence’ of your true belief, Grace is what saves us.

So if you took the Amish, and added hearts for the heathen masses, and that they were living like that because that’s how the Most High wanted them to live, and they do it because they want to please Him, then you’d be in the zone…. thing is the Amish don’t seem to be having hearts for the heathen masses, and I believe they live that way to ‘earn’ their way to heaven, could be wrong about that…

It should also be covered that ‘hearts for the heathen masses’ does not mean ‘accepting everything the heathens want as okay’… It means we have hearts that these can change, and be like a citizen of Heaven, but if they cling to their ways and beliefs, we are to move on, not tolerate, understand, or make feel better about being a heathen. 

Mat 10:14  And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. 
Mat 10:15  Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.

If you are one person on on social media site, and another on another… you are not honest. If you tolerate and even engage in things that Jesus was against… Not only are not being a witness for Jesus, but you are putting the love of this world over your professed love for Jesus. You think people like that are going to be in Heaven?

You are either in for Jesus, or you are in for ‘this world’.

Not time to be mean, just time to be courageous, stand for Jesus, no matter what, every day, for we know not when He comes. To very weak dependant people, strong conviction sometimes looks mean… that’s their problem. My model is Jesus and John the Baptist, whom Jesus said was greatest ever born of a woman.

JTB spoke frankly to people, I don’t think anyone accused John of being friendly… yet Jesus said he was greatest born of a woman. – so…. what is everybody talking about with this accepting everything is ‘like Christ’? – It’s ‘like Satan’, that’s what it is…

To deny the spiritual realm is childish, to deny there is a war is ignorant, and to deny that YOU have any responsibility in it as a follower of Jesus, is folly.

I have included a video, may seem unrelated however, it is perfect to point out how ‘this world’ has it’s hooks in you, how ‘your beliefs’ about this world system and how you relate to it are incorrect, how they use language that you have no defense against without decernment, and that you are voluntarily submitting yourselves to babylon.

It is one big con game… it’s 55min. but she will read the actual ‘code’ and explain… the beast system has it’s hooks in everybody already, by their own consent…. “My people suffer for lack of knowledge”…

The current masters are not our ‘government’… we ‘the people’ are the rightful ‘government’ of this land dedicated to the Most High, whatever the other plans were behind the scenes at the time, that is still a fact. We the people created the government, the government does not run us, but we have allowed this.

That is for the Romans 13 crowd… we are the government, it’s in writing… by obeying this monstrocity you are not following Romans 13….

We have allowed it, and stood by while 70 million innocents have been slaughtered… but I bet you donate to the red cross, right?

This government is anti-christ, anti-family, and anti-freedom. Get out of her, get out of Babylon. You will find life without the government ‘inconvenient’, already bordering on hard to function, that’s just for now… soon it will get much worse.

Coming out of babylon is more than changing some things, it’s a different life, as it would be as if you had actually moved somewhere else… I believe that is why He phrased it that way.

It will show once and for all if you are really a believer or if you are stuck in the trappings of ‘this world’ of convenience and ease. It will reveal what you truly put your faith in… what you truly believe.

The Armor of God – I find it hard to imagine loving the Most High, and not wanting to actually read what He wrote, especially about spiritual war. The Armor has to ‘worn’… that is something you must ‘do’… Shoes of peace, that’s on you, Breastplate of righteousness, also on you… it means you won’t get ‘back-up’ if you are sinning… Belt of Truth, again… on you, something that you do… Sword of the Spirit, that’s the Word, Jesus, it means you must know Him, how He does things, Shield of Faith, many don’t know, fear is sin…it’s lack of faith in the Most High. These are things you do, not lip service or praying for someone to do them for you.

The only thing unsaved people should be praying for is in repentance for forgiveness if they don’t know Jesus.

Choose this day who you serve.