Since a few people have expressed interest, we are currently in research phase, when concluded I will publish the observations.  My Youtube channel Stormthunder Hq has no videos on it, intentionally.

I didn’t want there to be any confusion about my motivation, like I was trying to poach subscribers, be argumentative just to bring viewers to my own videos.  I did not want that to be an issue.  My ‘agenda’ is truth.

I’m not selling anything, buying traffic, or trying to be like – anyone.  I have seen many things change in the last 2 years, especially online, it’s become clear the times are quickly revealing those who really pack the gear to deal with this time, this final battle of the great war.

The Internet, specifically Youtube is a major front in this battle.  I’m very libertarian, very live and let live – however, the Word calls us now to have hearts for one another.  That does not mean letting darkness go unchallenged.  Hundreds of thousands of people are directly influenced by these anonymous ‘personalities’ mostly claiming to be ‘spirit led’.  What spirit?  Hard to say wihout knowing the Word, maybe?

When I do put videos up, I will monetize them, saying it right now.  Time isn’t free, whatever sum it brings would hardly be cause for doubt of my motivation.

I’m not trying to win anybody to my side.  The people I’m speaking to, and hope will find this, will know the truth when they hear it, I’m not expecting big numbers, and I’m not claiming Holy Spirit revelation, divine wisdom, or to be the keeper of the ring of Solomon.

I’m a reasonable man, that knows the Most High has a plan and a way.  He has given His followers a way to discern that.  We aren’t all the same, we are all different parts of the body, with different functions and purposes  We shouldn’t sound the same and act the same,  but we should have the same motivations.  There are also honest mistakes.  We all make them.

I would love to not have to do videos, if some one else comes along that seems to be on the right train, I will be happy to refer you to their videos.